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Oh boy.

This looks to me like something that a group of friends might have made, out of inside jokes about your experiences together at school (college, university, etc). The result is really quite cringe-worthy, it's not funny to an outside observer at all and it's not helped by the terrible delivery. The voice acting was ok for some characters but the vast majority were quite awful, obviously inexperienced or completely out of practice. If you're doing something like this, the voice acting is a very important part of presenting your ideas & jokes to the audience, and if that goes wrong it can be disastrous. The subtitles were also off putting because they were very wrong, bad grammar and just missing lots of words from the spoken dialogue.

The art was actually quite good and the animation also definitely better than most, I can't complain about that - could be better, but that goes for any art or animation piece ever, so you don't have much to fear there. I gave this review a 3 because the art was the only thing not awful.


I think that's the 3rd time I've seen it and I still laughed out loud when Patchman ate.. anyway. Fantastic! Brilliant animation and a funny little storyline. The voices were great (though the guy at the beginning was a bit off.. still not bad) and the whole thing was funny.

Thanks for the honourable mention in the credits too :3

One side note, you should have stuck a link to Patchman 1 at the end.. though to be fair the end link screen was kinda cluttered as it is, it would have allowed people who haven't seen the first one to watch it without having to hassle too much, especially if they're viewing on another site.

Grats on front page, well deserved.

This is not real time

Real time indicates that it is being rendered in Flash, this is just loads of images of a model made in some crappy 3D program.

It's not even very good (ok that isn't very surprising).

chesster415 responds:

Run time indicates it's being rendered in Flash.
Realtime indicates it's going at real world time. If you look closely you'll see the the time on Strawberry clock is real world time, thus realtime. This is realtime.
This is also not loads of images of a model made in some crappy 3D program.
It's just a few of images of a model made in some crappy 3D program. Thus the "Spam" genre in the file information. It's for Clockday dude, lighten up.

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Such a simple game, very fun. Add a mute button though, please, for the love of God :P

Nice gizmo.

Certainly lots to play with.

For a tip, AS3 has the ability to save data to the local computer and the as3corelib has a jpeg encoding class so you can simply encode the image and save :) Also makes it tonnes easier to upload the image to a server. Nice server work though, the uploaded icon webpage thing is quite snazzy.

smokinjoeevil responds:

So you're saying I could have the Flash Player encode a JPG file and save it directly to the user's machine? I'll have to look into that.

Although, with regard to uploading to a server after that, they user would then have to take extra steps after that to upload it themselves, right? I couldn't very well write a JPEG file onto a server using the Flash Player, I wouldn't think. It's not going to have permissions to do so.

One of the best flash games I've seen

The gameplay isn't terribly unique but it is very well done, the presentation is absolutely superb and there's enough depth to keep you addicted for hours. The only slight problem I have is that there's a bit too much information to take in, for example on the buying (or managing, or whatever) frame, there's a little too much information and it takes a while to digest whats going on, but maybe I'm just a bit tired ;)

Absolutely fantastic, I can see myself coming back to this again and again :)

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Sounds great

The fact is in a different tuning is a good thing, otherwise it'd just be another master of puppets snippet :P The tuning is quite nice, makes it sound iron maiden-esque.. although a little squeekier. Nicely played though =D

Kool-Aid responds:

Thanks Liam =p

"I put on my robe and wizard hat.."

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